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1000L Specialty Speed Sprayer (Diesel)

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1000L Specialty Speed Sprayer (Diesel) (HS-1000WSD)


1000L Specialty Speed Sprayer (Diesel) HS-1000WSD

  • Shock buffer seat installed for the safety of driver (patented)
  • Hyundai 65HP engine and direct link ventilation system
  • 4-wheel-drive, 4-wheel-steer and side brake system
  • 5-speed forward, 1-speed backward, secondary transmission system (4-wheel high speed, 2-wheel high speed, 4-wheel low speed)
  • Flexible transmission switch between 2-wheel and 4 wheel while driving
  • Zero motion loss makes extermination ever so powerful.


Main part Chemical tank capacity 1000L
Length x Width x Height 3860 x 1430 x 1325(mm)
Weight 1420
Driving Format Wheel
Driving part Shift Gear Type Forward 5th gear, Reverse 1st gear, transfer Case 2nd gear
Steering Handle
Driving Clutch Format Disc friction type(dry type single-plate)
Brake Stop brake : Disc (hydraulic pressure)
Parking brake : Disc (dual use with stop brake)
Driving Speed Max : 15.5km/h, Min : 1.6km/h
Driving Engine part Engine Type Hyundai D4BB T/C engine
Maximum output 53PS/2500 RPM, 60PS/2600 RPM
Format and Standard Upright water chiller 4 cylinder diesel engine
Fuel type, Tank Capacity Diesel, 43L
Lubricant type, Capacity API CC, over CD level, 6.0L
No load max. RPM 2900RPM
Blower Spraying method

Axial flow spraying, both side

Tochool(pumping out) diameter Ø750
RPM 2,500RPM
Air Volume 460m2/min
Fan power transmission Single plate friction clutch
Sprayer Name YH-100A
Format Horizontal 3-throw plunger
Nozzle type, Blowing Head Disc, Ø1.4-24, Ø1.2-24
Normal pressure 15kgf/cm2
Maximum pressure 40kgf
Liquid chemical mixture method Mechanic(Propeller)
Diameter 1.0, 1.2, 1.4mm
Horse power 5-7Hp
Tochool(pumping out) quantity 103L/min