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Speed Sprayer for Orchard

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[Han-a SS Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Speed Sprayer for Orchard (HA-1000WMS)


Good lasting Quality & more efficiency Loaded American Military Collar Engine
- 1000L Combination use of speed sprayer(SS)

  • Equipped with maximum power in Korea and 25 HP Kohler driving engine from the United States featuring outstanding interior structure
  • Flexible transmission switch between 2-wheel and 4 wheel while driving
  • 4-wheel-drive, 4-wheel-steer and side brake system
  • 5-speed forward, 1-speed backward, 3-speed secondary transmission system
  • Hyundai (maximum 61 HP) gamma driving engine
  • Direct connect ventilation system/zero motion loss/perfect extermination function


Model Capa-city(L) Length
Engine Driving Device
Type HP Fuel No. of Changing speed Speed(Km/h) Driving type
For ward Back ward
1000WMS 1000 3990
1420 Hyundai Diesel D4BB Turbo Intercooler 65 diesel HST 0~22 0~5 4WD/4WS

Model Blower Fan Engine Pump Injection capacity (L/min) Blower Fan Stirring Conveyer function
Type HP Fuel Type Size Air Volume
Blowing distance
Maximum load(kg)
1000WMS Hyun-dai G4ED 45 Gasoline 100 aluminum 770 700 12 Propeller type 1000